Hi Rick,


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Ladder Wrap. I have one of those multi-position ladders and am usually able to complete tasks with it in its A-frame position. But I was recently confronted with a job that required me to use it as an extension ladder. I knew that leaning it against an interior wall would likely leave scratches or dents in the drywall, and that prompted the search that led me to your product.

The LadderWrap looked superior to those padded caps you can buy, and as soon as I started working with it, I knew I made the right choice. Fully extended, my ladder was too tall for the inside of my house; so I ended up folding the top portion down upon itself (so the ladder was 3/4 of its possible length). Because of the LadderWrap's versatility, I was able to secure it around the top of the ladder in spite of the added thickness due to the position it was in.

After wrapping the LadderWrap around the ladder, I leaned the ladder against the wall and climbed up. In addition to protecting the wall, it also made the ladder feel more secure by providing a non-skid connection between the ladder and the wall. In the end, the wall was in pristine condition when I was finished. You've invented a great product!


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