About LadderWrap

Ladder Wrap protects your walls, as well as yourself.

I have been in the drywall business since 1983, specifically as a drywall finisher. My trade requires me to use numerous types of ladders, and to lean those ladders up against wall surfaces to get to high ceilings and foyers. Every time I or one of my employees would lean a ladder against a wall we were damaging it by marring it and gouging it, requiring more labor and material to repair it. I started wrapping cardboard and duct tape around the ladder head to prevent the walls from being damaged, but this was a temporary fix. I purchased foam cups for my extension ladders, but these covers were only usable on extension ladders, not A frame ladders, and you could only use them if the extension ladder was engaged a least one rung up. They would not work on a closed extension ladder.

Then one day it dawned on me, what if I had a pad, made out of the same material as these foam covers, but with a releasable strap. That was the day the idea was born! Now I needed a name for my newly invented device. Just like the title to a book came to my mind, so did the name LadderWrap. This is how the device was invented, and this is how the Trademark was founded.

Since the inception of this idea and the field testing of the prototypes, and the actual manufactured product, numerous applications have grown for LadderWrap.

First and foremost, it is a device that can be used with virtually any ladder. An A-frame ladder; an open extension ladder; and a closed extension ladder. It easily wraps around the ladder head and allows the user to freely use it without worry that he or she will mar, scratch, gouge, or otherwise damage any finished surface. Interior or exterior walls. Paint, stucco, fine wood surfaces. Stainless steel. Vehicles. Helicopters and airplanes have very expensive paint finishes and often have mechanics leaning ladders against the exterior for maintenance. LadderWrap allows its user to do so without damage and costly repairs.

LadderWrap is made out of silicone rubber

Secondly, LadderWrap is made out of silicone rubber. Therefore, wrapping this device around the head or end of the ladder, increases the surface area of the ladder with a non-skid material, greatly decreasing the likelihood of ladder slippage. Whether it be Tyvek with a film of morning dew, or a polished metal surface, LadderWrap will provide a much greater grip that a plastic or metal head of a ladder cannot provide. Foam cups that are used for padding and protection provide at best 5 square inches of contact a piece with the wall surface. LadderWrap provides 60 square inches of contact. That is 6 times the coverage. 6 times the protection. 6 times the gripping ability of the other leading padding device.

Finally, having worked on ladders for so many years, I was experiencing pain and discomfort in my knees and shins from leaning up against such a hard surface. One day I decided to place the LadderWrap on the opposite side of the ladder, and use it as a cushion. After using it in this fashion just one time, I knew I had found another application for this tool.

This product should have been on the market forty years ago. Anyone who uses a ladder, any trade: painters, finish carpenters, drywallers, electricians, mechanics, and maintenance; any one who uses a ladder should use a LadderWrap.

Sincerely, Rick Steven.
LadderWrap LLC

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